FACE/OFF ep by Noah-O x Cadillac Cat (EXCLUSIVE)

Richmond artists, Noah-O and Cadillac Cat are some of the premier artists within RVA. Together they have worked together to continuously put on shows within the city at the many various venues in RVA, as they continue to push the culture forward.

The two continue to advance the creative and hip hop community forward with this joint EP, FACE/OFF. The grizzly cover shows the two faces matched up and gives a warning of how ugly its about to get for the game inside. The two deliver a 6 track EP in which they provide a various number of styles and tracks from autotune, introspective lyrics, to catchy hooks.

Don’t sleep and miss out on this major project, and VirginiaGotNow Exclusive!

Listen to FACE/OFF EP here

Hoop Dreams: MiGo Arias

Manassas native, MiGo Arias, has dropped a new track called “Hoop Dreams”. Sound familiar, my former athletes? On this track, he spins a cautionary tale of what happens when you neglect your talents and what could happen if you worked on them. Warning the youth not to “hold out on yourself” over a sample of “Trials of Love” by Prodigy from Mobb Deep, MiGo Arias spreads a message to the youth from a unique point of view. With a hype flow and funky melody this track definitely gives a sense of nostalgia. After watching the short visual for the song, I am looking forward to hearing more from him on his upcoming tape, TrueAnima.



Shaboozey “Winning Streak”

Many don’t find a benefit in merging genres of music to create a track. VA artist, Shaboozey, does this almost seamlessly, merging a rap beat with a melodic indie-rock vibe. Now to be completely honest, I had to play this song a couple of times to really get with it. But once it grew on me, it has become a frequent track on my 25 most played.

With a Post Malone like approach, the melodic rap in Shaboozey’s “Winning Streak” is most definitely a song for those summer nights when you’re just kicking back with the squad (or your boo). Now approaching 75K streams on Soundcloud, the melody paired with his deep voice and lazy flow creates this chopped and screwed type feel. The 808’s contrasted by an electronica sound seems to be a theme in producer, Nevin Sastry’s work. Shaboozey’s sound is undoubtedly is a newer approach to rap and hip-hop that I personally can’t wait to see develop. Continue reading Shaboozey “Winning Streak”

Jae R “Up before The Sun” via MoBoomBox

An artist were working with is Jae R from Norfolk, VA. In 2015 the renown IPM member Jae R took the world by storm with his first original body of work “Project Sole”. With such a cinematic presence and a true love for lyricism, so many were anticipating his next move. Every freestyle from “Hunnid Thousand to 11:45PM” had us on edge wondering if we were in store for a new project. While others may have thought Jae R was taking a break in fact he was working harder. Behind the scenes, Jae R was sharpening his mixing and mastering skills and is now well on his way to becoming a well rounded artist. He’s been completely locked in when it comes to production and is credited for Webb Swayze’s smash hit “Glock on Me”.  A true visionary, it seems as if he knows exactly how he wants to set up the future for not only himself but iLLPackMobb as a whole. From Vontae Knight’s aesthetic visuals to talks about records with Mike Strong, I think it safe to say 2017 will be colossal year for the VA lyricist.  Continue reading Jae R “Up before The Sun” via MoBoomBox

Marleey Leone – Queenpin EP Review

Coming straight out of Newport News via Fredericksburg brings a plethora of talent that compose of PHRXHVZION RECORDS. These past few days I had the pleasure to listen to the wonderful Marleey Leone, the “First Lady” of the collective. She brings a loud presence to the table with her strong, beautiful and captivating voice the entire course of the project, executively produced by label mate WXLFGVNG PVVLI. Continue reading Marleey Leone – Queenpin EP Review

Con from the 703 “Thanks Y’all: Volume 1”

ConFromThe703 is bringing something very special to the northern VA scene with is latest work, “Thanks Y’all: Volume 1”. It’s a short project that’s just three tracks long, though that doesn’t diminish the replay value or enjoyment received out of this project! Con has a unique delivery that matches the energy of the instrumentals. The chemistry between the beat and the voice is a crucial component to how a song is received and Con mastered it. When I heard his first track “Hometown [Produced by Caesar]”, I instantly felt the energy. The energetic delivery reminded me of A$AP Ferg’s, but with a younger tone. I guarantee that you’ll be nodding and dancing to “Hometown”. I would certify it to be an anthem for the 703. Continue reading Con from the 703 “Thanks Y’all: Volume 1”