The Divine Search x Isaiah Jeremiah


Isaiah Jeremiah brings us his EP called The Divine Search. This EP includes 5 songs that I think speak on different emotions and situations each of us find ourselves going through.

First Impression: As soon as the EP starts to play, the beat is the first thing that catches your attention. Throughout the whole EP each beat is different, some slow, some fast, some steady, etc. This aspect really contributes to the diversity shown throughout the whole project. I think the diversity between each song is what makes it prosperous.
Weak Points: I feel like every good EP needs a dope intro song that eases you in to the rest of the project and this EP lacked that introduction. Same for an outro. I feel as if these songs belonged in the middle of a bigger project! My least favorite song was Trinity (track 3). It was just one of the weaker songs on the EP and as an addition to the project as a whole, it didn’t hook me in as much as it should have. The beat was great but the flow wasn’t his strongest.

Strong Points: This project had great beats, as I mentioned earlier. I loved the diversity of them. Jeremiah himself has a good flow and great lyrics to follow up with. These two aspects are the best things about the project! It kept me interested and always excited to listen to the next song. My favorite song was Sound.track (track 2). I think this song started off very smoothly and it actually spoke on himself and his life more than the other songs did.

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed this project, despite the few weak points! It was a great listen and I can honestly say I was able to vibe through the whole thing. Although some songs were weaker than others, there’s really no song that I would skip on this EP. I think Jeremiah came hard with this project and I would definitely love to hear more from him! Keep an eye out.

Find The Divine Search on SoundCloud.



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