Breezepark’s “Strangers EP”

The talented group of young artists who call themselves Breezepark dropped an album called Strangers and it’s made waves of its own! This project was fun to listen to and you can tell they also had fun making it. They touch in many different subjects throughout the whole album, each song having its own uniqueness in sound and subject!

First Impression: I was extremely impressed when I listened to this album the first time ! These boys each have their own dope and personal flow and I think it added a lot of character to the project. There’s a little something for everyone on this album.

Weak Points: Finding any weak points on this album is a struggle, honestly. I’ll just have to plead the fifth on this one!

Strong Points: sometimes making groups with artists can be difficult. You can find it’s hard to identify each artist as in individual but that’s not the case here! I love how each artist has their own  vibe and it all works out together. The songs were pretty enjoyable and easy to vibe with. There was a range of sounds. Sometimes you felt the smooth R&B vibe and sometimes it was a hype vibe! Versatility is a major key, they have that down! My favorite song was most definitely Is You Wit’ It Pt. 2. The song started off with a super smooth R&B vibe and then dropped into a upbeat tempo. It automatically caught my attention and, I must admit, got played a few times in a row.

Final Thoughts: this album was very well put together and thought out! There was not one song I skipped and if you find yourself skipping over a song, I think you’re missing out. It has different sounds throughout it so no matter what kind of rap or hip hop you’re into, I feel like you’ll find a song here. Breezepark has definitely impressed me with this one, they are now on my radar !

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