2016’s TOP Upcomers

Alexander Mack


Residing from Radford, Alexander Mack is a musician, producer, & songwriter. He’s definitely a artist who utilizes the production to the full effect adding a jazz kind of vibe on his records. He’s unique in a sense that he doesn’t sound nor try to simulate anybodies style. He’s worked with musicians like Masego & Meko Supreme.  If you aren’t aware to him you should definitely check him out

Austin Skinner


From Reston, 18 y/o Austin Skinner has vastly improved in the last 3 years. Working with artist like Nessly, Chuck $avage, Con, & little big brother. He gain a really great buzz in the past year and is hitting thousands of streams effortlessly.  Though he does lack in visuals, Check him out on soundcloud!



Alexandria’s own, BANG has been on the music scene for years now. He really made a nice statement in his music video in “Sinner $piritual”.We don’t get as much music that we want from him but he has the potential to really shine this upcoming year if he plays his cards right..



Of Alexandria, Big Ka$H has been putting on for his city for years in many ways than one. He is quadrupal threat as he raps, produces, engineers, & graphic designs! Bar for bar, Ka$h has to be one of Virginia’s top tier rappers. He’s had labels looking at him for a while now but is yet to settle with anyone. Production wise he has a  strong production team in his producers 60, Dezo, & himself. He is set to released a album on all streaming services sometime early this year. Be on the lookout for this artist this year!


Breeze Barker


From Portsmouth (aka Pistol City), Breeze Barker was a easy pick for this category because of his work ethic. He’s sound is more so, drill yet he still doesn’t sound like nobody else. Releasing music videos often, definitely got him a buzz 2016 along with dropping his joint tape “Sharks x Pistols” with Norfolk’s Young Crazy. Be on the lookout for Breeze!

Bucky Malone


Bucky Malone has be on the rise since 2012, this past year though he really made his mark working with Divine Council’s ICYTWAT. He’s been on the source for his most popular records, “Next 2 Me” & “Wi$hlist”. He recent released his pink album, check it out!



Representing woodbridge, Rapper, Con hit the scene hard 2016 with his project, “Land of the G’s”.Where he really made his mark though was in his hometown anthem “703”. Con has one of the more aggressive yet hysterical flow & with the help of his cinematographer Legicity, it’s simply hard for him to lose. Be on the lookout as we’re expecting his next project “Induhcon 2”.

 Chuck $avage


Chuck $avage of Woodbridge, has one of the largest catalogs in VA. Over 11 Tapes since 2009. All the work he’s been putting in is paying off. He’s a well round artist & producer. Definitely a name you probably heard in the past & will continue to hear..

 Don Pe$o


Of Newport News Don Pe$0 has been putting on for his city since 2013. He kept applying pressure of the years and keeps getting a step close as time flies. Wonder whats in store for him 2017.

Doug Finesse


From Norfolk, Doug Finesse quickly caught our attention with his record “Ready”. We’re really excited on whats next for this artist because he has true authenticity and make relatable records that are very much night club worthy!

Huey Supreme


From Norfolk, Musician Huey Supreme has the total package. From visual to beat selection, he never disappoints. He often fuses jazz with hip-hop as he narrates real life situations. He is definitely an artist that has radio friendly records. He released a masterpiece in “Hues EP” a real versatile set of songs that have a 90’s kind of vibe. He’s already making big moves, meeting up with Vibe Magazine, DJ Booth, & Audiomack. Definitely someone you watch to watch closely this year!

Isaiah Jeremiah


Of Richmond, Isaiah Jeremiah first caught our attention 8months ago as he released his single “sound.track”. A real smooth 90’s vibe type of record with beautiful vocals to match. December he released his EP the “Divine Search” and it has already gone for 10K streams. Check out our write up on this body of our.

The Divine Search



17 y/o singer & rapper by the name of JVSTUS hit the scene for the first time 2016. Debuting his first two singles in “For You”  & “4am” which both reached over 30K streams. The fact he’s so young yet making the progress he is, is a good indication that big things are in store for him. His EP, “For You” will drop sometime soon. Be on the lookout for this kid!

Jack TP


From Norfolk, Jack TP is a musician with a lot to offer. Not only does he rap/sing, he produces for himself and artist like Doug Finesse,  Awkward Jaz, $ir Ratchet and many more. Jack consistency is what makes him scary because he’s only improving when he’s not releasing a project he’s releasing a beat tape. Keep your eyes on this guy heavy 2017!

 Jeremy Okami


From Manassas, Jeremy Okami is a rising star in the making. His style varies from singing & rapping, he’s a artist you can listen to all day for the near fact he’s so versatile. One track could be odd future aggressive while his other tracks could be lyrical and/or consensual. He has the type of sound that can be play any & everywhere & we hope to be a factor in helping him get the respect he deserves.



Attachment-1-26.pngRichmond’s own, J-Slim (member of 3way Ent) stands out with his unique storytelling and raw delivery. He’s worked with Elevator mag. (Shoutout to LRTVKevin) J-Slim got our attention and the momentum to really make a name for himself this.


Kasanova Crudele

Attachment-1-23.pngKasanova Cruduele has potential to really be something special this year. He can go anywhere from conscious rap to R&B and that’s what makes him so lethal. Be on the lookout for him this year and check out this last EP.


Kris Stasse


19 y/o Kris Stasse and G.O.D.S. (Greatness Over Deceptive Strength) is a group based out of VA Beach! A bunch kids trying to turn the dream into reality. Stasse especially caught our attention with his lyrical approach in his single, “Nobody”. Influenced by groups like GOOD MUSIC and TDE. It’s refreshing seeing a kid so young straying away from the basic sound and creating the honest yet relatable sound. Be on the lookout for his project entitled “Rose” he plans on releasing in March!



Repping Fredericksburg, Luk0 (of 40boyz Ent) is quite well rounded as he raps, sings, produces, & plays guitar! He released his debut December titled “Lobby Runna”. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed.



Off Alexandria, Richmond Highway’s (The Highway) Malcolm is triple threat rapper, producer, & engineer. This pass October Malcolm surprised everyone with his 31 knights mixtape. The tape quickly caught our attention as we kept watching him and quickly found out he’s been going out of state meeting with labels. It’s only a matter of time before we hear him on the radio.

Migo Arias


Of Manassas, Migo Arias is one of the artist on the forefront of the Manassas scene. He’s a real energetic rapper & performer. Earlier this year he throw an event that we sponsored, #ForeverManassas. & hands down Migo had the whole building going wild with him. We are really excited to see what this year has to hold for this guy because he has pure talent and a die hard group of supporters.


Mutant Academy


Richmond’s own, Mutant Academy is  a huge collective of Rappers, Producers, Engineers. Containing Big Kahuna OG, Fly Anakin GrayMatter Beats, Koncept Jack$on, Sid, betfrnd ,Chris, Rey, & a few others. They’re a collective thats coming for not only Rva’s top spot but Virginia as well.

Mike Strong

Attachment-1-13.pngFrom Virginia Beach, Mike Strong is simply  one of the best coming out of Virginia. This pass year he’s been releasing a lot of singles and producers such as Andre Joyner, FAKEUzumi, & a couple others. If you don’t know him, you should definitely invest your time through his soundcloud.


Attachment-1-30.pngNoo$e has been on the scene for a long time. Wether its rapping, producing, or engineering.. he does it all! He had great momentum in 2016, hitting over +50K  in just streams for his singles. Hopefully we can get a project out of him this year. None the less Noo$e is coming for the top spot.. be on the lookout for the young visionary.



Richmond’s own, Noah-O is  one of our more consistent artist all around. His delivery & lyrical content earned him the #1 spot on Richmond’s Style Weekly for his last album “The Rain”. Definitely well deserved, even if you can’t relate to his struggles you’ll still find yourself nodding to it because you can hear the authenticity in his voice. Noah has one of the most unique stories to tell. Find out for yourself and stream his latest album, Here.



Alexandria’s own OmertaGang (TazzTiNo, Bushwick the Profit, PacoSuavee, Moe Bang, Shoota Reek, Lul Nitti, GD Rep) hit the scene hard with their debut single, “Metro Boomin”. It was play at almost every party last year & reached over +17K streams. As they continue to ride their momentum the group dropped  the “Str8 Out The Trenchez” mixtape. Be on the lookout for these guys individual tapes because they’re making noise in the trap scene in AVa.


Attachment-1-20.pngOpal hit the scene hard 2016, she’s been on Pigeones & Planes multiple times for her hit records “France” & “Space Pilot”. Her voice, style, and songwriting compliments FAKEUzumi’s futuristic sound & production.She’s in a lane of her own, one can only wonder if her music and her sound is just way ahead of the curve.


fullsizerenderNOVA’s own Orion, has been on the rise for a while now. Breaking over 500K on his hit record “TTG”. Streams is not the issues for this artist, as he does lack in visuals. He succeeds in everything else. He also opened up for Travis Scott @ VCU’s Homecoming and got great feedback. Can’t wait to see what this young star has in stores for us.


RoeShamBeaux - KO.jpg

Rap Duo Roeshambeaux contains producer Mikey Sol & rapper Jay The Homie. The two are a deadly combo indeed. They caught our attention in 2016 with they popular record, “Jetta Whippin”! With Mikey Sol’s great arrange of sounds & Jay’s lyrical yet comical approach, it’s hard for the two to lose. We have big hopes for the duo this year!

Sam The Man


NOVA’s own, Sam The Man representing Alexandria is a talent rapper, producer, & engineer. He recent grabbed our attention with his Album titled “Goodnight”

Sonny Ward


From Woodbridge, Rapper Sonny Ward has been around and rapping a while. He snapped this year with his popular single “Better Than You”and EP, “Not Sorry Yet”. We see a lot of potential in Sonny and his team for this upcoming year!



Of Newport News, T-Crooks has been on  putting on for his city for some years now. Hands down, he has some of the best music videos we’ve seen in VA. Crooks dropped a album this pass year called “Blickem Boys 2”. Overall great album, we’re excited to see what this new year holds for him.

Too Trill


Alexandria’s own, Too Trill music group having been putting on for city for years. The group makes up of RamboDa G (CEO), Miquale Christ, & Yung Jay. They’re different styles compliments each other. They’re on the rise.. you heard it here first folks!

Von Sensei

Attachment-1-5.pngRepresenting Suffolk, Singer ,Von Sensei really made his mark with his “Wolf of All Streets” EP (Produced by Andre Palace). He’s definitely a artist that the women gravitate towards and if women play it.. man will eventually get on board as well. We’re really excited to see his growth in 2017!



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