The Holloway EP x Holloway

Uprising Virginia artist Holloway (@whoisholloway) brings up his ep titled “The Holloway EP”, released in 2016. This collection of 6 songs is capable of bringing the audience through a range of feelings. The beats are calm and steady with lyrics that definitely cause you to think.

First Impression: This EP was super easy to vibe to. The beats weren’t anything too wild, which made this an EP that you can kick back and listen to. Listening to this I definitely found myself thinking of a Dave East and Nas mixture, although a comparison does no justice since Holloway made this EP his own!

Weak Points: There’s not much you could say bad about this EP! I just wish there was a little more diversity within the 6 songs but every track was still replay worthy.

Strong Points: These tracks all have an original touch to them, which is always important. The lyrics had the great ability to story-tell! I felt everything he was talking about. The EP flowed really nicely and there’s not a song I would skip. I would have to say that my favorite song is God Ready. It starts off with a soft beat but a very strong and aggressive flow. The song has a sense of realness to it and there’s nothing I value more than keeping it real!

Final Thoughts: The EP as a whole was very well put together. I can tell that it was thought out and the hard work shows through the production, lyrics, etc. There’s not really any “hype” songs on this EP but that fact is what makes it stand out! It’s surely a vibe album. Be on the lookout for Holloway on the Virginia music scene!

Find this EP on Apple Music and Spotify.

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