Dia.De.Los.Muertos x Caleb Ortiz

Talented artist Caleb Ortiz brings us his latest project called “Dia.De.Los.Muertos”! These 11 tracks are a great example of his self-expression. Everyone is guaranteed to find a song they love.

First Impression: This EP is extremely diverse and so well produced. I’m a lover of good beats and underlying messages, and this EP had all of the above. I was hooked in from beginning to end!

Weak Points: I can’t even pretend like this EP wasn’t dope from start to finish.. I plead the fifth!

Strong Points: I love the way Spanish was incorporated into his lyrics ! It fit with the theme of the EP and shows you a piece of Caleb Ortiz. The little excerpts and dialogues throughout the EP were a nice touch as well. My favorite song had to be Mona.Lisa.Freestyle ft. Chung Fu. The beat was dope and the hook was nothing short of art. Once again, the incorporation of Spanish just added even more flavor!

Final Thoughts: This project was very well executed. It had an original flavor to it and there was no track I could skip over. If you’re not hip to Caleb Ortiz or his EP, it’s never too late to catch the wave!

Find this project on SoundCloud.

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