“Life & Times of Bobby Blaze”

From his undeniably unique look to his completely incomparable musical sound, Bobby Blaze is in no way, shape or form your average rapper. The 22 year old Hampton native who is also known as “Bobby Boot Up” gives us a look into his world on his latest project “Life and Times of Bobby Blaze”.

Bobby Blaze has been known for gracing the Virginia hip hop scene with his distinctly different “boot up” sound that we love, and on this project he did not disappoint. From beginning to end, the 10 track mixtape gives listeners a vivid picture of exactly who Bobby Blaze is as an artist. On his opening track “Verified” Bobby Blaze gives us animated vocals and hardcore lyrics over a mellow, retro sounding beat, giving listeners the unique, loveable sound that Bobby Blaze is known for. On other tracks such as “Accidents” and “Going Crazy”, Bobby Blaze shows his versatility as an artist by giving us catchy, sing-song hooks over trap beats resulting in a perfectly blended sound that is sure to please listeners everywhere. Throughout the project Bobby Blaze features artists such as Doe$ki, Bucky Malone and Treez Lowkey and the project also features tracks produced by Ready Rock James, bringing it all together to form that trap-funk sound that the 757 is now becoming recognized for.

With this project, Bobby Blaze shows that while keeping the same trap influences that his fans love, he is also capable of changing the face of trap music in the 757 by incorporating his own unique influences.

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