(Producers: PVVLI, Seep, Marq Beezy)

WXLFGVNG PVVLI has been on the rise for many years. As he completes his 10th project in his latest album, Virginia Lottery, consisting of 17 tracks. We got a taste of PVVLI’s previous work in #HeatAdvisory we dug & went back to one of his oldes projects, “LUCID: The Diary of PHRXH”. We love the progression & drive in PVVLI as he continues to put on for his city.

WXLFGVNG PVVLI is an artist who produces, engineers, & raps, its pretty hard to lose as you can paint the picture as clearly a you vision it! These tracks speak on everything, including women, the streets, hip-hop, etc. If you listen to this album in front to back order you start to realize he’s describing a day in the life. The 5min intro “Jackpot” was actually intended to be of him dreaming of actually hitting the jackpot!

Two records that stood out most was “Supply – A Love Story” & “Demand – A Lust Story”. In “Supply” it’s exactly that, a more R&B, 90’s vibe tone as he confessed his love for hip-hop. In Demand, he dives into a more ignorant yet smooth tone. One thing I love most about this project is the storyline behind it all & just the overall substance & quality.

Production choice on this body of work was rich, unique, & matched up with the lyrics perfectly. This is definitely a body of work you’ll get a lot more out of if you listen to in order but nonetheless this is definitely one of the best projects coming out of Fredericksburg 2016!

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