Trevy Trev – Versatile Flows

Woodbridge’s Trevy Trev is arguably one of the hardest workers in the Bridge when it comes to the rap scene, and he’s now making the argument for one of the most versatile, fittingly with this project. Versatile Flows is a work in which you see more versatility than just in the flows, but in the production, style, as well as subject matter that Trevy Trev addresses as the project goes on.

The spectrum of production on this project ranges from deep bass and bangers, to subtle melodies, to the heavy piano and reminiscent tones that flow through the introspective tracks on this tape. Trev seamlessly makes transitions throughout these production styles with his ability to stay in the pocket on any beat, as well as exhibiting his ability to control the song, and not being overshadowed by some of the star production here. With these varying flows and production styles, Trev also shows the many different sides of himself, thus effectively painting a picture of his life and experiences. With standout tracks like Distance Hate, Life Ain’t Easy, OTM, you get to know Trev as more than just an artist, but as a man. One who has faced many of the relatable hardships such as family, loss, and financial struggles.

When listening to this sort of work, a diverse yet cohesive project, one can’t help but reminded of the vintage Wayne era, such as No Ceilings. You can see the emulation, not in style nor plagiary, but in the sheer strength & weight of a project such as Versatile Flows.

We’re excited to see where Trevy Trev goes in 2017, and his next work. Don’t sleep, go check out his Versatile Flows project here!

Written By Kendall G.

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