POLO500 & Big Dawg Tayo – “On My Way 2 Texaco”

Arlington’s Polo500 is looking to make a big statement in the VA music scene, if so, an even bigger impact with some new music. Polo500 teamed up with Big Dawg Tayo to deliver some music to the VA with his latest project that dropped in December, “On My Way 2 Texaco.”

This is a twenty track mixtape that’ll be the perfect trap project to bump to. Catchy hooks with a powerful voice to back it up by POLO500. The ad-libs are solid and gives the lyrics even more character. The tracks itself are similar in quality & well produced. Polo takes the listener on a journey through an unfiltered, real story about trying to make it out of the struggle and let’s them know that he’s here to stay in the music scene. His tracks “Money Power Bricks” and “Pay’d” are messages to everyone that he’s a grinder and he overcame jail to get paid by doing what he loves today.

He also questions his competition in several songs. In “Wrong Shit”, he says that they should live their own life and not worry about his own. He questions if they’re rich, if they pull the girls they brag about, if they’re really about action in the streets, if they’re real or not, and the actions that he’ll do to check them. The song “Death Wish” is a warning that, if he checks you, it’ll be the last time he’ll do it.

I must say that the transitions between one track from the next gets better in the second half of the tape. The combination of Polo500 with Bid Dawg Tayo was sweet science to this trap formula resulting in a good product.

Check out “On My Way 2 Texaco” on Spinrilla!



Written by: J. Guevara

Instagram/Twitter: @justinhisprime



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