TENTHSNDHRS by Michael Millions & Radio B

If you want to hear Richmond rap at its finest than look no further than TENTHSNDHRS by AGM member’s Michael Millions and Radio B. The album dropped on July 4th of 2016 and it s filled with nothing but pure unadulterated bars and instrumentals that scream classic hip-hop/rap from the 90’s. It also features a lot of local producers from Richmond like Namebrand, DJ Mentos, Amir, Ohbliv, Cashby, The Stoop Kid, and JL Hodges.

First Impressions: I think this album goes hard. If you like 90’s hip-hop and rap than this album is definitely a go to. Michael Millions and Radio B both killed this album with their amazing delivery and lyricism on top of some very smooth beats. I think the concept behind the album is fitting to it’s quality, it’s definitely worth the 10,000 hours.

Strong Points: Michael Millions and Radio went in on this project. Their flows and delivery on top of their lyricism is what really makes this album what it is. They played no games and dropped this amazingly well put together project that showcases the raw talent that is within our own city of Richmond. Some highlights off this project would be “Welcome to Vice land”, “Cold Day in Hell” Ft. Noah-O, “Think and Grow Rich” and “River City Reds”.

Weak Points: I couldn’t hear or think of any weak points for this project to be quite honest. It bumps straight through and it’s most definitely a Richmond classic already.                                                                             `

This is a very solid collaborative album from these two Richmond natives. Overall I would give this project a 10/10 and is definitely worth the listen if you’re trying to get into the local Richmond rap scene. Also if you ever get the chance to see them live or anybody from AGM for that matter, don’t sleep on it. Their Flag on the Moon 3 performance was very dope.

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You can listen to this album on Soundcloud, Apple Music, and Spotify

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