Heja Rames “ninenightsinarow”

Artist: Heja Rames

Project: Ninenightsinarow LP

Producers: Heja Rames, Yoki, Rasneek, MNLV, Bedroom Hijinks, Shakusky

Mastered by: Rasneek

Introduction: Heja Rames is a rising artist hailing from Northern VA, who after the success of his two first project Mewd Muzik I and II, decided to drop a full length LP titled Ninenightsinarow that features all sorts of unique sounds and vibes. It features production and vocals from B.CKWARDS HAUS OPS a collective of artist all from around VA that specialize in visuals and music. This is very good LP from Heja Rames and it’s definitely worth the listen if you have a chance.

First Impressions: The whole LP is just on one track which makes it difficult to move around the project. I’m hoping for a full release with separate tracks at some point cause this LP is dope and it deserves it. The whole album has a very chill laid back electronic hip-hop/RnB vibe to it. It’s somewhat dark hip-hop so don’t expect any lively upbeat instrumentals on this.

Strong Points: This is a very good project all around, the production, the lyricism, the vocals from featured singers MNLV and Chi are melodic. But really I have to praise the production and vibes that this album gives off. This LP has a very unique feeling to it that I haven’t gotten from other projects I’ve listened to recently. It’s starts off kind of weird with that trumpet heavy track “Don’t Touch my Coat” but as you progress through it you can’t help but vibe to the more chill tracks like “DasalrightpartIII” or “Terra Firma”.

Weak Points: The only problem I have with this LP honestly is it being just one giant track. I don’t know if that was Heja’s intention for the release or if he’s waiting to release it on other platforms. Either way it would just make this LP more accessible and more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts: I really like this LP. I truly do, I think it’s unique and different from all the music that is being put out now. It has such an amazing mixture of sounds like RnB, Electronic, and Hip-hop that is mixed very well. Some of my favorite tracks off this LP would have to be “Terra Firma w/MNLV and Chi”, “45 Jive w/MNLV”, and “Sandstorms”.

You can listen to this project on Soundcloud.

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