J. Slim “Premeditation”

RVA’s very own J. Slim , also known as “3Way Slim” is begining to bubble in the VA music scene. He has been featured on Richmond’s own magazine Style Weekly and The Source whom gave him great praise for his mixtape, “Premeditation”. In Style Weekly, J. Slim said that he wants people to relate to his music so that they can know that we’re all in this together. This project is what the people needs to hear in Virginia.

This project is sixteen tracks long cosigned by DJ Don Cannon, who is an Atlanta mega-celebrity and Vice President of A&R for Def Jam. There’s so much positive that can be said about the project. One thing that will stand out to the listener is his passion. His energy is well projected in all of his tracks like if a divine intervention is taking place. Even the names of his tracks provides metaphors for divine thoughts such as “Pray 2 God”, “Devils”, “Death Around The Corner”, and “Late On Life”.  In “Pray 2 God”, there’s a spoken intro that sets an emphasis on the fact that “Everything you do got consequences”. He follows the intro with rhyming about smoking his last blunt, dealing with internal pain, paranoia of the system and questioning what’s life. In the song “Devils“, J. Slim discussed the devils he was facing in the NorthSide of Richmond and the difficulty of growing up there in lines like this: “Daddy had the shotty on the bed cuz where we played was a crime watch/ old neighbors steal from you at the pawn shop/ save your soul for a gold watch/ that’s how it is.”  The project is also a sign for change for the better which he dives into in several tracks.

Overall, J. Slim’s “Premeditation” was a hot upcoming project upon it’s release in 2015. The production was very unique and it suited the tone of the project to be a story telling and thought provoking one. I highly suggest listening to his mixtape on “Soundcloud” and “Datpiff”. We’re excited to see what’s next for J Slim as he continues his rise in 2017.


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter/Instagram: @justinhisprime


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