Nickelus F Interview

Guevara:  You’re coming off of performing in Flag on The Moon 3 that took place at The BroadBerry. How was the Flag on the Moon 3 experience? My team went down to the show Saturday and they said it was an exciting experience.

Nickelus F: Yeah it was really good. I always enjoy these shows. I don’t really perform that much in the town often. Every year it gets better. The people are more enthusiastic I really enjoyed myself. I love it when I throw energy and the people give it back.

Guevara: How do you feel about the rising music scene in RVA?

Nickelus F: It’s looking good. I been here for a very long time seen all the music stages in the area. There is a lot growing here in Richmond and the scene is making great progress. There are many styles and talents around here.

Guevara: Please talk to me about AGM with Michael Millions and Radio Blitz. How did they came about?

Nickelus F: Um well, AGM is the Association of Great Minds. We’re already damn near like family after we all altered that way towards music. I been working with radio for years. I fucked with Mike since I met Radio so he’s already like a brother. We’re a collective of people with similar mindsets and goals and to give back to the city and the culture.

Guevara: AGM does so much for Richmond as a whole through having events like Flag on the Moon 3 and Legends Never Die 3 earlier in the year. Are there any events confirmed for next year?

Nickelus F: Yeah, Flag 4 for sure but we’re planning to switch it up. I’m not going to announce it right now. Constantly trying to grow. More battles coming up. There’s a battle event in January and it’s called “Baptism by Fire”. There are many more cards coming in January. I got stuff up my sleeve but don’t want to announce it yet, so does mike and Radio B but I won’t say anything else at the moment.

Guevara: I think it’s obvious, but what part of Richmond you’re from?

Nickelus F: Southside around Chesterfield, I lived in the west end for a while but the Southside.

Guevara: You sir are really consistent. Going back to 2000 for winning the VA Leg of “Unsigned Hype” for The Source to working with Drake on his first mixtape “Room For Improvement” to numerous appearances on BET 106th and Park’s Freestyle Friday to being on Complex Top Ten Most Underrated Rappers in 2009, you are a talented artist. How do you stay consistent?

Nickelus F: I think it’s by feeling like I always have something to prove to myself. I want to be the best artist I can be. I’m definitely in to be profitable and want to make a living off of it. Integrity is top priority. I want to uphold the priorities of the people who started the culture as a whole. Hip hop

Guevara: Describe to me your growth as an artist. How were you when you first started rapping versus today? What has changed? What stayed the same?

Nickelus F: Umm, well I think my enthusiasm stayed the same. My approach and style has changed. Through experimenting on different beats, my lyrics has stayed the same. People would be excited to see me say something wild because of my enthusiasm that would come with the lyrics.

Guevara: Do you have any advice for the young up and coming artists?

Nickelus F: My advice is always push yourself to grow and be better. People can put down one dope track or mixtape tape then try to be funny with people, forgetting about what brought them there. It’s always about being yourself. It’s great to tell your story. You have to push yourself to grow. In Hip-hop. There’s no right perspective. Any perspective is right if it’s the truth.

Guevara: What does #ForeverVA mean to you?

Nickelus F: To me, Forever VA means to be forever original and forever innovate. I think of the contributions we bring as a whole. I can think of Timbaland and how he created an innovative sound that the people loved. I can go back to The Neptunes and how they created sounds that stood out. Teddy Riley that changed the sound of the industry as a whole. I can go on with producers as a whole, but Forever VA is to stay ahead of the curve.

Nickelus F’s IG/Twitter: @NickelusF

His music is available on iTunesSoundCloudSpotifyGoogle Play Music, and Pandora.

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