NoFace, Rapper “Wintercoat EP”

It’s been a cold winter so far but for NoFace, it’s been a hot winter. The Woodbridge MC has been getting positive reviews over his new Wintercoat EP. It’s been everywhere on social media from reviews on Nomadic Bloggers to The Niq Bohr Show. Upon lsitening, you  an see why as NoFace is an introspective rapper that likes to let the lyrics speak for him rather than his gaudy style or overwhelming production.

Before I get into the EP, I would like to acknowledge the amazing cover art. I love the fact that he has the state’s bird, a red cardinal as the center of attention in the image. It’s surrounded by snow and darkness which is a metaphor for NoFace’s own journey and introspection being surrounded by thought provoking moments along with his emotions and challenges.

The story behind the EP itself is an autobiographical one of struggle and overcoming those struggles. You can really feel the pain in his voice when he talks about his life in the four tracks. The hook of the “Cold Intro” is an impressive one: “In the winter, we just tryna be winners/we turned into sinners so forgive us/it gets cold in the wintertime, it gets cold in the wintertime/ yeah, black rolls with the black ice/Santa ain’t care if we was nice”. This is a great sample of his lyricism and wordplay. The introduction did it’s job in laying the groundwork of the EP itself displaying winter metaphors from the bars themselves, to the names of the tracks, to his personal ties into the rhymes. Some other standout tracks, FreezerBurn, Wintercoat, and T1ME are also great listens. The cohesion in this project from the cover art to the topics discussed in it to the personal ties about dealing with college and views on the government to shouting out VA and Mumbo Sauce is perfect.

Whether you’re in NOVA, Richmond, Suffolk, the 757,  the Appalachian Mountains,  we all know that winter is harsh in the VA, so why not warm up to some heat by NoFace? Buy it on BandCamp, stream on TidalSpotify, and Soundcloud. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram!


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime

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