Zach Thousand EP

Zach Thousand is an artist that is from Newport News, VA. In December, he dropped his self-titled EP.  When it comes to the rhymes, they’re pretty easy for people to pick up on which is nice for tracks to party to and witty enough for the lyrical listeners. Some samples of the lines in the EP include: “I like older bitches because they got some knowledge/ yeah, she got mileage/ damn right, I’m going driving”; “Wrist on Hockey Puck”; “These n****s talking like they famous/They girl on my line tryna give me cookies like Amos/boy I know you can’t take it/ got some n****s tryna steal but they don’t know I’m stainless/ if you try to pull a threat, we’ll make you nameless.”

The beats in the EP will have you tapping your feet and or banging your head to each track. A great example of that is his track “Ambitchous“. In the song, he states how his early ambitions made him great and love for this ambitious girl who’s focused on getting paper. One thing I personally like about the project was that it was mostly independent. He wrote, rapped, and produced the tracks. I guess you could say that he had a triple double no assist like that Kanye line in Monster. It’s a great EP that can speak for itself and is definitely worth the listen.  Check it out on Soundcloud and follow him on his Twitter!


Written by: J. Guevara

Instagram: @justinhisprime

Twitter: @justinhisprime

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