Zae K “Ren & Stimpy EP”

Straight outta Virginia Beach, Zae K is coming at you with the “Ren & Stimpy EP”. This is a collaborative four track EP with fellow artist DPOW. Zae K was the executive producer to all of the beats on the project. Zae even created the artwork for the project himself. The cover art of the EP is out of control like the wild cartoon series of Ren & Stimpy, which was known for wild, inappropriate moments that would capture the attention of the viewers.

Like the show from which it draws its name and inspiration, the music will capture the ears of people who would like to do nothing more than to turn up at parties with beautiful women and the homies. An example of that scene would be their song “BEATER UP”. The various sounds you’ll hear in the project is what really stands out in the project. Personally, the project isn’t something I will listen to often. It’s just not my cup of tea as I look for lyrical content in songs. However, one cannot deny the lane and potential that Zae exhibits, as he steadily releases new work and continuously gets over 1K plays on his tracks. If you’re into artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, or into the cloud rap scene, which is rap music that has dream-like aesthetics with sounds from faint impressions to loud noises, this project is for you. It’s a good cloud rap EP as it covers common cloud rap themes from depression to drug use with unique sound effects that gives it a hypnagogic type of mood.

Listen to their EP on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter.


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime




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