Big Gucc “The Real Me”

We all know that Virginia is a hidden treasure for amazing talent in the music industry and Big Gucc’s “The Real Me” mixtape hosted by DJ Camo is one you can’t forget in the mix. The mixtape was released in August of 2016 and has been blowing up on Spinrilla with over 13,500 views. Included in the mixtape is The Take Over Ent. crew, which is his label and fellow artists like Pootie Lou, Siah, and Don Mula.

In the mixtape, Gucc takes the listener through his trials and tribulations from his early days in the 757 through his time in Virginia Union in Richmond. “The Real Me” is composed of powerful bars combined with an energetic delivery that’s versatile towards almost any type of beat.

One thing that I really enjoyed about the mixtape itself was the depth of content that’s involved in his songs. For example, here’s the hook to the fifth track in the project “Adam and Eve”: “Adam and Eve took a piece of my money tree/I’m outta my mind, so roll up a cup cause it makes me forget all my memories/stuck on my memories/Adam and Eve took a bite of my money tree/ I try not to simmer, the devil just keep on controlling me, four n****s rolling deep, shorty, she riding, she rolls up and takes the D”. Gucc is describing tough times of people betraying him for his wealth, which would be Adam and Eve biting the metaphorical money tree. It’s also a hook that describes both lust and greed. In the song, he goes deeper into how he really enjoyed the shorty who “looked badder than Vivica [Fox] was”, and reflected on how it all fell apart due to greed and lust.

Overall, this project has complete bangers from “Swerve” feat. Siah, to “Cryptonite”, to his bonus “Panda Remix” track. I guarantee that you won’t skip any of the tracks as it’s consistent in quality from start to finish. You can listen to “The Real Me” on SpinrillaAudiomack, and Soundcloud. Please check out his visual for “No Sleep feat. Siah” at the end of the article.

Follow Big Gucc on Twitter: @Biggg_Gucc ; Instagram: @bxgg_gxcc ; and to stay up to date with his Take Over Ent., follow them on Instagram: @take.over.ent


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime


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