Mackderico “Hyperbolic Time Chamber”

If you think that you’ve heard all that the Hampton music scene has to offer, you should think again. On his 7 track EP “Hyperbolic Time Chamber”, the Hampton based rapper known as Mack Derico gives listeners a look into his world while providing listeners with the signature VA trap sound that is taking the hip hop scene by storm. First I definitely commend him on theming this project based off “Dragon Ball Z” (hints the skits), a hit anime show from the 90s. Mack has a great ear for creating overall records from production to feature selection & flows. With features by Bobby Blaze, BoTheSlave, JT Southside and 94 Nicely.

On this project, Mack Derico showcases his ability to effortlessly transform styles from track to track. His song “Back to the Trap” (produced by Ready Rock) is an anthem for trappers everywhere and sets the tone for the entire EP which features hard hitting lyrics and catchy hooks.

What is probably most enjoyable about this project is the fact that while listening to it, listeners cannot help but be entertained and feel like they are in the middle of a house party. From beginning to end, Mack Derico gives listeners a trap infused, high energy sound that you can expect to hear in your local nightclub.

Checkout his latest single with Norfolk’s Young Crazy in “Spazz Out”


Written By: Chrissy

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