Doug Finesse x Jack TP “Only Option”

The 804 produces a lot of talent in VA, and this LP showcases two of the premier up-comers from the area: Rapper Doug Finesse and producer, Jack TP. These two partnered up to give us Only Option, an 8 track LP that acts as a great introduction to both their work, respectively.

Doug has been consistently dropping music for awhile now and was one of the first artists we caught on to. Since then, his growth has been apparent through his multiple loose soundcloud tracks, visuals, etc.  His unique style, witty wordplay, and boastful rhymes have made him a standout within the VA scene. Doug and Jack TP, along with some dope features, make Only Option a diverse collection of tracks with various styles. Some of the standouts are the hard-hitting, boastful single “No Reason”, witty “Vibe Out”, and lady’s track “End of the Night” featuring Robbie Russell.

Walking away from this album, one of its star aspects is that it is in itself, truly an album. The term album is often loosely put on to any collection of 8 or more tracks, even if it lacks the cohesiveness, centralized sound/theme, and diversity that comes with the word. Though only 8 tracks and just under 30 minutes, Doug gives us a complete body of work that exhibits his abilities as more than just a rapper, but as an artist. I’m excited to see exactly what direction Doug takes next, but as always, we can expect him to take the only option…to finesse.

If you want to hear it for yourself, you can stream Only Option on Soundcoud.

To keep up with the latest, be sure to follow Doug Finesse  & Jack TP on Twitter!

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