Kwami Solo “Love In the Wilderness”

NOVA’s very own Kwami Solo released his first album in October called “Love In the Wilderness”. On his Twitter, you can see his influences from pop icons Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake to R&B icons such as Alicia Keys and John Legend. The listener can definitely hear the mixture of his influences into his music that can be compared to the quality of today’s artists like Gallant and Xavier Omar.

This is a twelve track project that’s about all of the love and chaos that ensued in his life. Although the project is mostly composed of upbeat instrumentals with heavenly vocals, there’s a darker story behind some of the songs. In “We’re Not The Same”, Kwami paints a vivid picture of dealing with cheating in a relationship and realizing that the current bond between them weren’t the same as when it first started. That track is easily a song one can relate to and feel his pain and sorrow in the vocals. The power behind the vocals makes it feel like as if he’s singing it right in front of you. My favorite tracks of the album is “Cry of A Rebel Kid”. That song is about pursuing dreams and taking risks to achieve them by going out of the stereotypical path of going through school to pursue a job rather than doing something you love. He apologizes to his mom about chasing dreams that the school system can’t teach. Kwami goes through his rebel path in order to spread love by his passion for music. It spoke out to me because I’m a strong believer of making your passion your purpose so that way your purpose becomes your passion.

The only thing that I would’ve like to seen on the project was “The Dream” track develop more. It can get ambiguous during the first few listens but one can pick up on it. Other than that, it’s a solid first album that’s definitely worth a listen on Spotify and a purchase on Google Play and iTunes.


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime

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