Nickelus F “Stretch Marks”

Nickelus F is a Richmond OG who has been in the rap game for over 10 years. He first got his fame from doing rap battles, he was featured on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Fridays, Complex’s “Ten Most Underrated Rappers” list of 2009, and worked closely with Drake on his first mixtape “Room for Improvement”. Since then he has dropped a multitude of projects and recently was featured on RVA Mag’s list of “Best Richmond Hip Hop of 2016”.

Coming off the success off his 2015 album “Triflin’”, Nickelus F and AMG producer Namebrand decided to pair up and dropped “Stretch Marks”. It’s a 9-track long album that dropped back in September of 2016. When comparing it to Nickelus F’s previous project, “Stretch Marks” is a lot more introspective and darker than “triflin’”. He goes into more sensitive subjects like dealing with his addictions, his inner demons, and overall it takes us into the inner mind of a Richmond legend.

Nickelus F never fails to come with some heat on his projects and this one is no different. His flow and delivery on this project are impeccable as always. Namebrand’s production on this project is great, he has some really good beats on this album This album is made to show the growth of both of these talented Richmond artist, Hence the title “Stretch Marks”.

The only criticism I can make on the project is that this album doesn’t feel as complete & cohesive as some of his other works. Not to say this album is weak by any means, simply feels like a collection of dope tracks, rather than one centrally themed project. This could be due to the vast experimentation with vocals and production Nickelus takes on this project, in comparisons to his other LP’s. Perhaps Stretch Marks was more of an experimentation and introduction into a new direction or growth Nickelus has taken, and is meant to be appreciated.

Don’t get me wrong though this is still a very solid project from these Richmond Veterans. Some of my favorite tracks are “God Bless Em”, Strange Fruit”, and “How Sway”. It has it’s own unique vibe and sound that many would enjoy. So if you have the chance make sure to check it out and we’re always looking out for what’s next from Nickelus F.

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Listen to Triflin’ on Spotify or Apple Music

Written by @Gessler_Lopez

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