Ant Chulo “Tha Beach Is Tha Reason”

Ant Chulo is an artist from Virginia Beach looking to make some waves with his first project “Tha Beach is Tha Reason”. In the project, there’s three parts to it that’s based off of his life between 2015-2017. He cleverly uses the title of the project as a leadway into the cause of some of his actions. Part one is tha beach is tha reason for [his] vices (2015); part two is Tha beach is tha reason it was never love (2016); part three is Tha beach is tha reason he’s who he is (2017).

When I first listened to it, I was expecting a rap project, but I heard something unique, alternative hip-hop project with dark synths & even shades of pop music. There’s some pretty interesting samples in the music from various 757 artists and melodies that reflects Timbaland’s style of music. Ant did a nice job on the samples matching the tone of the music and having the samples lead into the next track. The samples gave smooth transitions from one song to the next, setting up the scene of the upcoming chapter. A perfect example of that would be the “96 Dennis” track. The track alone fitted well to end his first chapter of the project. In an energetic upbeat EDM style instrumental, he describes his wicked and immoral behavior. He ponders on if he’ll make it to twenty years, which I see why the song is called 96 Dennis. There’s two samples in there that compliments the song. One of a drunk girl talking over the phone and a Kanye West sample. The Ye sample is from the “Runaway” track that featured VA very own Pusha T off of the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy project. The sample was Ye saying “I wanna show you all how you all look like beautiful stars tonight.” The tone of the Ye song Runaway, which focused on removing the glamour of sex and money, is the exact opposite for 96 Dennis. Ant doesn’t care if you think his life is wicked, he already knows and it’s the only thing he’ll stick with.

There’s one that I didn’t like the project. The “Don’t Move Interlude” reminded me too much of a Timbaland song from the melody to the sound effects on the vocals. To me, it strayed from his original sound. It’s not a bad song. It’s well produced and had a nice sample that would be a puzzle piece connecting it to the next song. I just didn’t hear Ant like how I heard Ant in the other songs.

After hearing the project, I can see it being bumped at an EDM show because it’s original and energetic. I love the originality of the project and the way he broke down the project into three different parts describing his lifestyle. I played the whole project about six times in the last five days. I enjoyed the way he created his own sound while paying respect to the wavy style of music that artists from the 757 have. Check out his EP on Soundcloud and rage out!


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Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime


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