Cocaine Mali “Smart Money”

You could make the argument that Cocaine Mali is the premiere artist coming out of the 434, and is steady on the rise! He’s released a catologue of work, with his previous tape “Honor Roll Hustler’s” garnering over 30k streams on Datpiff and Sprinrilla. His unique sound, authentic street music, & storytelling ability has helped propel him among the top tier of artists within the upcoming scene in VA. This set the stage for the December 2016 release of his highly anticipated Smart Money mixtape, entirely produced by Dee Money and Dre.

Smart  Money is an 8 track tape filled with both turn up music and plenty of introspection. Many of the tracks, such as”Intro” and  “Came Up”, paint relateable stories of struggle over star production. While in other tracks he effectively delivers bangers like “I Want Da”, which are set to turn up the energy wherever you are.

What I believe really defines Cocaine Mali as an artist, and adds such replay value to this project is the audible authenticity you can hear in his music. His allusions to dope boy dreams and the vices/downfalls that come with it are laid out in many of the stories and references within his bars, giving the relatability to an artist that turns the casual listener into a real fan. This project, though heavily auto-tuned and trap themed, is far from the usual flow of the sub-genre. Cocaine Mali’s music is a simple reflection of himself and experiences, nothing faked or emulated.

Smart Money brings us a different take on the auto-tune filled music scene that has become ridiculously popular.Cocaine Mali’s catchy hooks, standout lyrics, and many bangers make him an artist well worth the listen & support.

His latest LP, Smart Money, is a great place to start. Available on Datpiff and Spinrilla!

Written by Kendall G.

Published by Kendall

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