Rad Win$ “Virginia Is for Lover$”

Fresh out of the 804, Rad Win$ is definitely adding his flavor to the melting pot of the Virginia Music scene. Rad Win$ dropped his first mixtape “Virginia Is For Lover$”, which is hosted by one of the top DJ’s in Richmond, DJ Dez. The mixtape is ten tracks of solid club bangers cosigned by some of the famous Dj Dez name drops. “Virginia Is For Lover$” is named after the much imitated Virginia is for lovers slogan that was created in 1969 for tourist hospitality.

Like the slogan, the mixtape is truly for lovers as the project consists of love stories. I love how the project was released on Valentine’s Day, which is great timing for listening to love songs. The first track of the song “Call My Phone”, is a upbeat song with a well produced beat from Cormill. There are bars that the listener will remember in that song such as”She won’t give me credit, but she wanna use my card, yeah she tryna flex, pick her friends up in my car”. It’s a certified banger on the mixtape as it respectively has 7,240+ plays on Soundcloud.

The mixtape is also spreading some love to fellow Richmond artists like Caleb Ortiz on his “CCC” track. The Ortiz feature was rather impressive as he flowed at different speeds on the beat which will have the listener rocking to the lyrics. Rad also had DTranzit on two tracks “On My Way” and “Lay Your Body Down”.  “Lay Your Body Down” is the better track of the two based off of the energy of it. It’s more of a soulful vibe that listeners can set the mood to when they’re with their significant other.  This is one of the most cohesive tracks on the whole project as the tone of the vocals pairs well with the instrumental giving it a clear story to tell. The song is like a movie scene with the perfect background music to keep the listener wanting more.

The one thing that I would’ve liked to hear was a more different beat for the song “Tell Me Why”. The song sounded like the beat form “Call My Phone” at a slower BPM and starting off with the same cadence of lyrics from “Call My Phone” until the beat got slower. I saw it as a part two to “Call My Phone” rather than it being it’s own song.  Overall, it’s a good project and I’m not surpirsed that DJ Dez cosigned the project because it’s a nice project. Download it on Spinrilla and stream it on Soundcloud.

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Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime




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