Metamorphosis x Artistic Sense

After much anticipation, Artistic Sense gives us their Metamorphosis EP. It includes already released songs, such as The Wave and High Horse, but also never before released gems. The whole album is one big story. Metamorphosis is the perfect title for it because that is exactly what it depicts. The track list starts off with the song “DREAMS”. This song is the perfect intro, it sets up the mood and meaning for the rest of the project. It’s all about accepting who you are but also not being afraid of evolving into someone greater.ย 

Each song takes the listener through a different storyline, and therefore makes you feel a different emotion each time! It’s an easily relatable album that was very well thought out and executed. The EP as a whole allows you to see different sides of Artistic Sense with its versatility and lyrics with very out-front, but also underlying, meanings. It’s extremely personal and allows you to connect not only with songs, but with the artists as well.

This album speaks on struggle, growing, love, self-acceptance, etc. and it is all something that we can relate to at some point in our lives. There’s definitely some future classics on this EP that everyone should take the time to experience.

Song Suggestion: the whole project is replay worthy but my favorite song has to be “NOTHING” ! Make sure you give it a listen and really hear what it’s about.
Find Metamorphosis on SoundCloud!

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