Ceo “Just For Today”

Mechanicsville, VA’s very own Ceo, short for Can’t Ever Outdo, has been making waves for his city and Virginia with his project “Just For Today”. It’s an eleven track project that has something for everybody, whether if you’re a lyrical listener or looking for some bangers to jam to at events. Ceo was previously featured in one of our own interviews which can be seen on our Youtube  page (don’t forget to subscribe to our channel also!). “Just For Today” is a deep LP that reveals Ceo’s story of alcoholism, clinical depression, to living in the streets of Richmond. On every single track, you can hear nothing but passion in his voice. The tone of his voice changes in various songs going from anger to pain to sorrow which suits the topics he discusses in his songs.

It hadn’t even been a month and four tracks had hit over 1000+ respective plays including his song “Bad” where he co-produced with Bijan Amir. It’s one of the happier songs in his project that everyone can relate to. The song takes the listener to a trip down memory lane where Ceo reflects about his ups and downs with his girl. This song was Ceo’s way of showing his commitment to his girl by saying things like “Fuck a body count, you can count on me”. He also dives into how he tells her why he was so lonely before her. It’s a true love song that people can dance to in the first half but in the second half of “Bad”, it captures the ears of the lovers relating to his story of heartbreak and finding love.

One track that deserves more plays is his track “Function” produced by Bobbo Beats. “Function” is another track that’s a successful party banger that covers a dark story. The hook itself is very catchy like this: “Coming to you live from the function/if you show up uninvited, bring  us something/tell em bitches not to come unless they’re fucking/ I was drinking to the point I couldn’t function“. It opens up what used to be a regular night at a function for Ceo. In music, the listener usually ignores the cries for help in songs if the bars are hard and if you can dance to the beat. This song is so well done in being versatile to appeal to different taste of music. The cry for help is shown later in the song where Ceo raps: “I was drinking til I passed out, I couldn’t function whenever I brought the past out/ they on the couch cause I would rather wake up to bottles and if I didn’t die, I’d try again tomorrow“.

This LP was well done. The beats by Bobbo Beats, Lavish Jax, xJK., Phil Jackson, Whysp, Omar, DJSwift183, EestBound, DJ Monstorm and BoyGold deserves all the credit in the world. The beats are the soundtrack to the script that Ceo writes to bring to the fans the audio documentary that is “Just For Today”. Ceo is also one of the artists that’s performing in the #ForeverRichmond show at The Camel on March 13th. Take your time and listen to his project on Datpiff and Souncloud right below.

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Written by: J. Guevara




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