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 One of the highlights of each week is discovering new artists and listening to their music. This week was no different. I was introduced to Jiiimmy Uno. A young VA artist, I was excited to hear what he created. His sound is interesting, raw, and captures ones attention. Jiiimmy is a great artist and Off Probation, his recently released mixtape, shows the range of his talent.  


Off Probation is about 30 minutes long with 10 tracks. Overall, I definitely enjoyed the tape. Jiiimmy’s range in style, beats, and lyrical content is amazing for such a young artist. The first track is called Too Gone. The song jumps right into rapping, immediately getting my attention. Jiiimmy makes wordplay seem easy. Quick and smooth rhymes just roll off his tongue. The features from Melo Vybes and ChrisT add their own flow to the song. In spite of the difference in style from all three artists, they all mesh perfectly and create a great song. We then go into Sell Dope. I am a beats girl, first and foremost. A dope beat can make or break a song for me. The beat on Sell Dope was one of the smoothest I’ve heard in a while. It goes perfectly with the lyrics and overall vibe of the song. I can easily imagine this song playing in any party or club and being a hit. BandMan is a departure from the sound of most of the other songs on the tape. The lyrics are harder and grittier than the music I have heard so far from Jiiimmy. He raps about haters, money, and protecting what’s his. Although the song is a little darker, it’s natural. He shows he can rap about different subjects and still maintain his unique flow and quality lyrics.  


The content throughout the tape ranges from talking about money, to hater, to street life, to relationships. Each song is unique and never waivers in quality. I am excited to hear more from Jiiimmy Uno and you should be too! 

Keep updated with him!  

Twitter: @JiiimmyVA  Instagram: @uno.va  

Written By: Jessica R. Coleman


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