CA$H & Kel “Glacier Boys: The EP”


The trap duo of CA$H and Kel from the 757 released a cold EP in January called “Glacier Boys: The EP”. It’s a six track EP that’s composed of various trap based beats, some of the tracks were produced by CA$H himself. The other producers featured on the EP are Bravestarr, Parisvvs, and BossUp.  Their cover art reveals that some samples of cartoons will be used throughout the project. I must say, the samples are very recognizable and they start the songs off well.

Their fourth song on the project “Tropics” is a well done song from start to finish. Their flows ride the beat well and it’s a smooth product.

CA$H produced the beat on “Tropics” and his producing skills is well displayed in not just this song but the other song he produced, “My Money//3 Ways”. My personal favorite track on the EP has to be “Coney Island Shawty”. The song starts off with a sample from the famous movie, The Warriors. It was a well suited sample because the movie is about this gang from Coney Island trying to make it back home after a gang summit. The song is CA$H and Kel’s story of a girl from Coney Island which can be easily compared to how Swan and Mercy were in the movie trying to support each other through the madness.
The EP had a few weak points where the lryics could’ve been harder in some songs and it can get a bit repetitive which can takes away from the quality of the certain songs,  but they have good potential to be a familiar face in the VA music scene.

Check out the EP on Soundcloud and follow the Glacier Boys on Twitter!

CA$H: @_cashfllow

Kel: @KEL757

Written by: J. Guevara


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  1. This duo has incredible talent for such young men with almost no prior training. They aren’t perfect right now and they haven’t quite perfected every lyric/song they drop but CA$H has an incredible voice and flow for someone new to the music scene. Keeping in mind Kel began making music just months ago,I feel there is a huge potential for them to become a familiar face in not just the VA music scene, but all over the country with more practice and dedication. “Glacier Boys: The EP” is a great sample of what is to come.

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