A problem many music lovers tend to comment on is every artist sounding the same. Unfortunately, oftentimes they are not wrong. While today’s music is experiencing a golden age in uniqueness, insight, and talent on an underground level, what ends up becoming popular and widespread is often all too similar. Listeners also seem to find that artists residing in a certain area start to create very similar sounds amongst themselves. When listening to many artists from LA, ATL, and NY, you can hear how the music starts to blend together. While some argue that Virginia experiences the same issue, young artist Hugo Boss stands out from the crowd in his level of talent, how musical sound, and the vibe it creates. His music is entertaining, smooth, and leaves the listener wanting more.
His rhymes are effortless and relatable. I had the privilege of listening to Hugo Black’s latest project, D.E.M.O. and I am so glad to share it with you all.

The entire mixtape is about 30 minutes long with 8 songs. It’s not nearly long enough if you ask me. Hugo makes the type of music you have to listen to more than once to get the full effect. The production and mood of his songs were so smooth and appealing that I WANTED to hear it again and again. His lyrics and wordplay was so effortless and impressive that I NEEDED to hear it again. The tape kicks off with the title track, D.E.M.O. This was the perfect song to start a tape. It grabs one’s attention and makes them want to hear more. There’s a definite catchiness and the lyrics are memorable. D.E.M.O is a great song to introduce any listener to Hugo Black. The second song on the tape, Bad One, is definitely my favorite. Sweet verses over one of the grooviest beats I have heard in a while makes for a great song. I had to listen to this one several times over because everything about it just makes you want to get up, dance, and vibe. The other song that stood out to me was Flockaveli Interlude. Hugo’s talent for wordplay shines through on this track. He rhymes about a variety of topics over a dope beat and never loses his flow or the quality of his lyricism.

Hugo Black is more than what Virginia, and this industry, needs right now. With each rhyme and chorus, he is keeping us listeners, and his competition, on our toes.

Keep up with this game changer:



-Jessica R. Coleman (@JESSrelax)

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