Mario Valentine’s “Love Story EP”

Suffolk’s very own Mario Valentine from Son of Cupid Records is bringing a soulful project in his “Love Story EP”. It’s a seven track EP that focuses on his specialty, love stories. Mario Valentine is a talented vocalist who gathers his influences from artists such as Michael and Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey also with Virginia artists such as Timbaland and The Neptunes.

This project is about three years old and it deserves MUCH MORE than what it has gotten. The energy in Mario Valentine’s vocals sends out the right message in all of his songs. He starts out his EP with a popular song of his, “Share My Love”. “Share My Love” has gotten over 240 views on Youtube and over 1,460 plays on Soundcloud. You can listen to the single at the bottom of the review. In the song, Mario is offering to share his love with his significant other and saying that he’s willing to give his all to this girl. He treats her presence like a present and wants to give the gift that keeps on giving, love. All he asks for in the song is for the girl to not break his heart.

Mario’s EP is well organized in storytelling. An EP should have a message or story to it like a book or your favorite series on Netflix, it should develop one part at a time. It’s also like a romantic Spanish telenovela where things start out amicable with the person then heartbreak occurs then they attempt to reconcile in either just being friends or going back each other hoping to reignite their old flame. My favorite tracks would have to be the “G0 (Interlude)” and “Your Love” feat. Mulah. “Your Love” was the perfect song that paints the picture of the reconciliation stage between two people who are struggling in a relationship. The only thing that I would wish for the EP to have was a skit or two somewhere in the EP, preferably after the “Go (Interlude)” or before the “Friendly Conversations” track.

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Written by: J. Guevara (@justinhisprime)

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