Blues For The Colorblind x Kalman

The long anticipated “Blues for the Colorblind” from artist Kalman has finally dropped! The album is just as dope as the name is. Although the songs aren’t necessarily the blues, they do make you feel in color ! There’s definitely a mixture of emotions throughout this album, from Operator to Next To Me. The one thing kept consistent throughout the whole album is the grooviness of the beats! (Groovy is the only word that does them justice!)

Kalman gives us so much energy while also giving us emotion throughout the entire project. The album reflects the artist, there’s not one dull moment! Kalman shows his talents in this self produced, written and composed project (with no features, like J. Cole). Its Kalman 100% from the ground up and I’m loving it. Everything about this project is fun and original.

Song suggestion: I suggest that everyone listen to Wavyboy ! I’m in love with this song, I can’t even speak on it too much, you just have to listen for yourself!

Find this masterpiece on SoundCloud!!

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