Cadillac Cat “4 No Reason EP”

Cadillac Cat is putting on for his Die Young Collective and our state with his “4 No Reason EP”. For those that don’t know who Cadillac Cat is, he can be seen all over in the VA music scene rocking shows like Face Melt Fridays at Strange Matter and performances at The Camel in Richmond. He can also be seen with RVA’s very own Noah-O and his Charged Up Entertainment collective.

It’s a seven track project that’s very diverse in topics. Some songs such as “2012” produced by @Mista_Neighbahood, describes his younger days trying to balance getting an education versus trapping. In the verse, he sends a message that anyone can use if they’re struggling to overcome obstacles. The message is “Don’t keep your daughter waiting/ your son, your partner waiting/ don’t keep your mother waiting/ father or cousin waiting/ at the end of they day, they the ones who need you to make it/ Take a seat and stand strong…”. It’s a smooth introduction that sets up for the rest of the project which displays his diverse flows and cadences over various beats.
Another track to look at is “Open Brazy Late” produced by @Mista_Neighbahood that’s simply about his grind and pimping. The way his tone rides the instrumental is very cohesive and he shouts out Noah-O for supporting him, showing love to other VA artists. The bars are evident in this song too. An example is : “Noah-O says he sees my vision and that I’ll prosper/all these active accounts think they deserve an Oscar/Oscar De La Hoya punchlines like I assault ya, I’m heading into that fast lane like Paul Walker” .

Overall, this project is smooth. It’s a great project to listen to because of the cohesion of the songs. The producers have amazing ears because the beats mesh well with Cadillac’s flow. Shout out to the producers @Mista_Neighbahood, Prince Gravy, and Cadillac himself. This project has a little bit of everything from trap bangers like “Walking Bag” and “Go”. “Go” had to be one of my personal favorite tracks on the project because it’s a well done song from the delivery to the production. He has a visual for it at the bottom of the review. Expect some more shows and music throughout the year from Cadillac Cat.

Follow him on Twitter: @Cadillac_CAT / Instagram: @cadillac_cat and check out “4 No Reason” on Soundcloud!!!

Written by: J. Gueavara


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