Unapologetic x Al Dom$

iPM member Al Dom$ is known for his noteworthy flow as well as his intricate wordplay and on his newest single “Unapologetic” he does not disappoint. The single is a cover of Outkasts “Sorry Ms. Jackson” and is a narrative of Al Dom$ inner thoughts on various subjects such as religion, growing up fatherless as well as his feelings toward other rappers in the game. Although Al Dom$ is known as an artist  for his lyrical abilities, on this track he really shows listeners just how serious his skills as a lyricist are.

In the opening line of the track, Al Dom$ states

“Money, b*itches and knowledge is what I want/nana told me that Christ was all I need/

Too bad this apple fell far from the tree/now I’m baptizing h*es in semen and Hennesy”

With this line, Al Dom$ sets the tone for the whole track and shows his ability to paint vivid pictures with his lyrics by showing the contrasting effects of spirituality and carnal nature by using religious terminology. All throughout the track, Al Dom$ gives tremendous wordplay combined with an enticing flow that will keep listeners enticed throughout the entire duration of the song. He ends the track by singing “we ill pack mobbin’ thru your city”, paying homage to illPackMobb, a team of artists based out of the 757 that Al Dom$ is a member of.

Catch Al Dom$ perform at Traptastic on April 8th at Shakas Live in Va Beach and hear his single “Unapologetic” here!

Written by Chrissy

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