Fly Anakin & Koncept Jackson “Chapel Drive”

Mutant Academy is back at it again in making some noise in the Richmond music scene with their newest album “Chapel Drive” which dropped in March. This album is M.A.’s very first full length album which has Fly Anakin & Koncept Jackson as the main stars. It’s a sixteen track album that has plenty of features from the rest of Mutant Academy such as Henny LoBig Kahuna OG and producers like Sycho Sid,  Graymatter, Tropes, and more!

On Soundcloud alone, their full album stream has over 16,000+ plays and the comments are filled with nothing but love and respect for M.A. The Academy put in a year’s worth of work and timing into this project and you can tell how much effort and passion they put into this project.
There’s also a great mesh of chemistry between Fly Anakin and Koncept Jackson. They equal each other’s energy bar for bar on beat after beat. Listen to “When Thugs Cry” produced by Graymatter for example. The duo tells their stories about dealing with this significant girl and the drama that followed the girl they’re dealing with. Their voices tells two individual stories that brings similarities between the two under a soulful Graymatter beat.

They also go bar for bar and flow for flow in Chapel Drive, which is the skeleton of the project. In Vag Manifesto, produced by Fly Anakin, Koncept Jackson states that music is his way of life with the hook “Food for thought is how my mouth get fed/ it’s the conglomerate, never voice your love is what your vagina said”. He would discuss his introspection of the music music by using a girl as the symbol of his hustle and suspicions about the things going on around him while building with the Academy. In Swanton Bomb, featuring Cosby, produced by Tropes, Fly would spit bars such as: “Back at it/ rhymes for crack addicts/ put the plug in the stem, igniting these rap bastards… peep the shift like Cocaine Cowboys/ we wild boy/ fucking bitches and shit/ that’s just my style boy…/ flippin’ off the turnbuckle, hi bitch!/ I know I’m high bitch, I live in the sky./ Why you think they call me fly?” Not only Fly does a play of words with the first part of his name, he also paints himself as a charismatic enigma like Jeff Hardy, who made the Swanton Bomb diving move popular in wrestling. Jeff also dealt with a crack addiction and Fly mixes Jeff’s story in with having rhymes that will get the listeners/crowd lifted because Fly’s bars and style are addictive.

Richmond has so much to be proud of thanks to this project. The various features from Nickelus F to fellow M.A. member BstFrnd to producers Ewonee & Foisey gives it a harmonious feel. Chapel Drive brings even more life to the RVA music scene. This project ensures that there’s a paradigm shift going on to improve the unity of artists not just in Richmond, but in Virginia. Please purchase and stream their album on Bandcamp. Please also check out their full album stream on SoundCloud.

Follow the Mutant Academy on Twitter: @Mutant_Academy

Follow Fly Anakin & Koncept Jackson on Twitter: @flyanakin & @konceptjackson_

Written by: J. Guevara


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