JHN$N “alright” Review

One of the beautiful things about rap is its poetic nature that is overlooked a lot of times. Sometimes with rap, especially with a lot of the music being made today, it appears that hip hop has strayed away from its roots of lyricism and storytelling. On his single “Alright”, JHN$N brings us back to the basics of what it means to be a true lyricist.

It is safe to say that as entertaining as a lot of todays hip hop music is, it appears that current music relies on beats and hooks to keep listeners interested. On this track, however, JHN$N proves to listeners that simplicity, storytelling and true lyricism will never go out of style. The track features JHN$N rapping over a simple, 90’s-like beat. On the track, the Virginia native discusses his thoughts on being an up and coming rapper as well as provides a message of hope to listeners with his hook which simply states “its gonna be alright”.
The emcee also pays homage to Kendrick Lamar on this track by telling listeners to “hold three fingers because we’re Kendrick in spirit”. Although there are notable differences between Kendrick Lamar and JHN$N, the track does appear to be heavily influenced by the style of rap Kendrick Lamar is widely known for.

With its illustrious storytelling, entertaining flow and positive message, JHN$N’s “Alright” is a song that true hip-hop heads everywhere are sure to enjoy. Check the track out here!


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