Just Leek “Leek Season”

Just Leek is coming at you with some heat in “Leek Season”. The seven track project is hosted by DJ SweenDawg who hosted on other projects such as YNSTM2 by Doe$ki for example. Leek Season is a prelude of more to come from Just Leek. This project is a unique collection of his unique delivery. A great example of that would be his track “3Style” produced by Carl Alexandre, which has over 1,100 plays on Soundcloud. On the track, you’ll be addicted to his various flows on the track which keeps the listener entertained.

The producers are Carl Alexandre, ReadyRockJames, and ABathingWaffle. ReadyRockJames produced a very excellent beat on “Trap House Rockin” that starts out slow but it picks up with amazing effects. “Trap House Rockin” describes Just Leek having all that the junkies need from drink to smoke to blow.
Dare I say it, but it’s a Traptastic song that anyone should have on repeat all day on their playlist. The project is well executed in delivery that will capture ears and create waves at parties and shows.  Listen to his project on Soundcloud and Spinrilla! I promise if you’re a fan of Traptastic, you’ll definitely enjoy this project!



Written by: J. Guevara

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