R.O.S.E x Kris Stasse

One of the best things about music is the feeling it often creates. I know I’m not the only one who hears a certain song at the perfect moment that lifts my mood and inspires me. Virginia rapper Kris Stasse’s latest project, R.O.S.E. does not just have one song that does that, but an entire album. Song after song had a dope beat, inspiring lyrics, and created a vibe I haven’t felt from an artist in a long time. For anyone looking for something they haven’t heard before, get into Kris Stasse.

The album starts off with the Intro which has the sickest guitar I have heard in a while. It was unexpected but much appreciated. Although I am a life-long lover of rap and hip-hop music, I appreciate all genres as well. It is always refreshing when a rap artist is able to step out of the box society often draws around artists and mix their sound with other music types. Stasse does this throughout his album. He mixes the impressive lyricism that is a staple in rap music with dope samples of rock, RnB like on Good Man (my favorite), and we even hear gospel music on Pass Me By. This mix is important to any music lover and is growing more and more popular (ex. Chance the Rapper). Many artists underestimate how important broadening the spectrum of what rap and hip-hop sounds like can be to the culture. Kris Stasse draws fans of all types of music to one album.

Despite this unique mix heard throughout R.O.S.E., Kris Stasse never lets the listener forget how talented his rap skills are. In Flow he gives us a simple beat with the focus being on his freestyle-like, well, flow. The raw talent Stasse possesses is more appreciated than any other aspect of the album. Kris slows the beat down on The Great Escape and Irene, but his passionate lyrics and dope beats don’t let up. He then inspires us on 2 Up, Wave, and Sights On You. R.O.S.E. takes the listener through every type of mood, but one thing never changes: Kris Stasse is up next.

I thoroughly enjoyed R.O.S.E. It was my first time hearing music from Kris Stasse and I was not disappointed. His appreciation and use of other musical genres and samples sets him apart from the crowd, but not as much as his pure talent and rap ability. I cannot wait to see and hear more from this upcoming star.

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Written by: Jessica

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