Easalio “Mood EP”

Easalio is an artist from Richmond, VA who just dropped his second EP earlier in the month called “Mood”. Mood is a unique eight track project that features beats only by UK producer MiniGold. “Mood” is also almost an entirely solo project. The lone feature on the whole EP and that’s by Maffew Ragazino on the song “Vibes”. The underappreciated WorldWide Paper Gang representative brings an old school delivery towards melodic beats. The project was highly anticipated towards hip hop heads thanks to features from RVA’s own The Cheats Movement, Henny & Coke, and hiphopsince1987.com.

One of the tracks that stood out to me the most was “School“. He definitely sets the mood of educating the listener about the racial issues going on in the nation.
Easailo painted a vivid picture of his view point on today’s America like this:”They try to breed us when they couldn’t bring us/They killed our leaders and our brightest thinkers/ dawg, we need Nat Turners that’ll pat burners/we also need some brainiacs that can hack servers”.
The lyrics in the song blew me away from the level of knowledge he delivers. I instantly caught on to the Nat Turner reference. Turner lead a slave rebellion in Southhampton, Va in 1831 that lasted a few days where he would free slaves and take the weapons from the slave masters to rebel. It painted an image of a modern day representation of an African American patting down a racist to see if they have any weapons on them. “School” promotes peace in the nation by keeping the substance in music. Throughout the project, Easalio will test your knowledge on what he’s articulating in his lyrics.

The production of this project is unique. It defiantly fits well with Easalio’s flow. Minigold’s usage of drums in some of the instrumentals reminds me of the beat music that’s famous in the United Kingdom. The samples in the project are wonderfully chosen and fits the topic of the respective songs. Listen to his song “Helloh” that discusses how he pulled this girl and what he’ll do for her. That song had beautiful samples that aids the topic of discussion: how he attracts a beautiful sapiosexual whose desire is a man with knowledge.

Mood is solid Mood Music (No, not that type of Mood Muzik. Shoutout to Joe Budden for the Mood Muzik tapes). It’s a thought provoking project that stimulates conversations and contemplation of what’s going on in the world today. Stream his project on Soundcloud,  SpotifyTidal and purchase his EP on iTunes and Google Play.

Follow Easalio on Twitter: @easalio & Instagram: @easalio

Follow Minigold on Twitter: @MiniGold1 & Instagram: @mnigld

Written by: J. Guevara

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