Con from the 703 “Thanks Y’all: Volume 1”

ConFromThe703 is bringing something very special to the northern VA scene with is latest work, “Thanks Y’all: Volume 1”. It’s a short project that’s just three tracks long, though that doesn’t diminish the replay value or enjoyment received out of this project! Con has a unique delivery that matches the energy of the instrumentals. The chemistry between the beat and the voice is a crucial component to how a song is received and Con mastered it. When I heard his first track “Hometown [Produced by Caesar]”, I instantly felt the energy. The energetic delivery reminded me of A$AP Ferg’s, but with a younger tone. I guarantee that you’ll be nodding and dancing to “Hometown”. I would certify it to be an anthem for the 703.

The last track on the tape features artists like Sonny Ward  and Lazy Rios on the cult hit “Get Niq On The Phone [Produced by May 6]”. The hook was very catchy and I started laughing as I was saying it out of enjoyment. The song discusses on how successful he’ll be. It’s also evident that he sees Niq Bohr as a checkpoint to success in the VA music scene. It’s like how an artist dreams about being on the Sway in the Morning show and striving to make it, but on a local level.

For Con to have three tracks on the project is a smart decision. After listening to the project, I wanted to hear more Con. This is only Volume 1. Con is thanking his city, his people, and especially Niq for the support and opportunities in this music game. I would look deeper into his art as he been dropping constant work the last year now. “Thanks Yall: Volume 1” is just the starting of even greater music to come from Con and the 5Senses Records team. Enjoy the tunes on Soundcloud.

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Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime ; Instagram: @justinhisprime

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