Marleey Leone – Queenpin EP Review

Coming straight out of Newport News via Fredericksburg brings a plethora of talent that compose of PHRXHVZION RECORDS. These past few days I had the pleasure to listen to the wonderful Marleey Leone, the “First Lady” of the collective. She brings a loud presence to the table with her strong, beautiful and captivating voice the entire course of the project, executively produced by label mate WXLFGVNG PVVLI.

On the first track, “Da Marleey Show”, we listen to Leone throw shots against messy, local individuals and witness her bring light to those that aren’t as focused as her. As you dig more into the project, she brings in a bunch of catchy hooks that are undeniably in tune with this generation’s approach of writing verses. One that truly brings in the fabrication and main feel for what kind of approach the album is like is captured in track two, “Mad Too”. “I got a question, did we ask you? Shared your two cents, when you ain’t have to. Just plain goofy, you make me laugh boo. Shit if I was you, I would be mad too!”

This line is just a few of the many Leone grasps and delivers through the assertive-esque mood of the album. Her lines are outright condescending and battle rap-esque but at the end of the day they showcase the dedication and promise that Leone brings forth along with the set that she reps. Through the strong, stylistic delivery comes equally suited production by Pvvli. To me, the way that an artist and producer approach production are very important, and the sound that Leone and Pvvli did are phenomenal and outside of the box.

The eerie production just fits the First Lady so well and anything that she says over Pvvli’s production: samples with melodic filters, screeching synths and maniacal 808s… all of the lyrics that Leone throws at the audience are heightened more than a hundred percent of the time. As the album comes to a close, the culmination of mysterious, hard production and Leone’s vocals never peak; it just keeps getting better.

I couldn’t find anything truly flawed within the project, and the only thing that actually was off was that the first song felt longer than it did and the point was received. However, the rest of the projects sequencing just makes sense and is on point; beat is dropped, bars are spit, point is received, outro, all in good timing. If you’re looking for a project that is truly intriguing front to back, look no further than to Marleey Leone!


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