Jae R “Up before The Sun” via MoBoomBox

An artist were working with is Jae R from Norfolk, VA. In 2015 the renown IPM member Jae R took the world by storm with his first original body of work “Project Sole”. With such a cinematic presence and a true love for lyricism, so many were anticipating his next move. Every freestyle from “Hunnid Thousand to 11:45PM” had us on edge wondering if we were in store for a new project. While others may have thought Jae R was taking a break in fact he was working harder. Behind the scenes, Jae R was sharpening his mixing and mastering skills and is now well on his way to becoming a well rounded artist. He’s been completely locked in when it comes to production and is credited for Webb Swayze’s smash hit “Glock on Me”.  A true visionary, it seems as if he knows exactly how he wants to set up the future for not only himself but iLLPackMobb as a whole. From Vontae Knight’s aesthetic visuals to talks about records with Mike Strong, I think it safe to say 2017 will be colossal year for the VA lyricist. 

To kick off the New Year, Jae R‘s forthcoming project “Up before The Sun” satisfies all the cravings you’ve been yearning. Not only is the production next level but it seem as if his world- view perspective has become more conceptual and mentally stimulating. This project was a clear demonstration of consistency, fluidity, & longevity.  An amazing follow up to 2015’s Project Sole and we can’t wait to see the visual production that is soon to come.Track no. 4 “G.M.P.” was an early stand out for me, but if your familiar with Jae R you know versatility is a very strong point of his. “Up before The Sun” is definitely for the culture & we have no doubt it will resonate with the true Hip Hop fans. 


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