Shaboozey “Winning Streak”

Many don’t find a benefit in merging genres of music to create a track. VA artist, Shaboozey, does this almost seamlessly, merging a rap beat with a melodic indie-rock vibe. Now to be completely honest, I had to play this song a couple of times to really get with it. But once it grew on me, it has become a frequent track on my 25 most played.

With a Post Malone like approach, the melodic rap in Shaboozey’s “Winning Streak” is most definitely a song for those summer nights when you’re just kicking back with the squad (or your boo). Now approaching 75K streams on Soundcloud, the melody paired with his deep voice and lazy flow creates this chopped and screwed type feel. The 808’s contrasted by an electronica sound seems to be a theme in producer, Nevin Sastry’s work. Shaboozey’s sound is undoubtedly is a newer approach to rap and hip-hop that I personally can’t wait to see develop.

The rapper’s upcoming EP “Lady Wrangler” will be debuting this summer, keep a lookout for the vibe.


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