3 Til x Trilogy, Vol. 1



3 Til is an artist who is coming on to the scene with a style all his own. The unique artist showases his versatility on his latest project “Trilogy, Vol. 1”. The 8 track mixtape is a blend of R&B and hip hop and provides listeners with a variety of sounds ranging from serene and relaxed serenades to party music you could hear being played at your local nightclub.

What makes this project so intriguing is the fact that the project contains so many styles, so much so to the point that its hard to categorize it. While the projects first track “Demons” is a relaxing, sing-song track with distorted vocals and is sure to appeal to R&B fans, “Bounce” (the projects sixth track) is a high energy, hard hitting track that hip hop heads are sure to love.

Because the project is so diverse, there is literally something on the project that everyone can enjoy. With this “Trilogy, Vol 1”, 3 Til shows listeners that just like his extremely unique project, he is an artist who cannot be put into any box and truly caters to everyone.

Listen to “Trilogy Vol 1.” Here!


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