Party In My Head x Jack TP

Jack TP is an artist/producer that represents the 757 here in VA and he’s bringing a unique project called “Party In My Head”. The long awaited project is a nine track project with beats all produced by Jack TP himself. Not only Jack allows this project to be a lyrical medium of expression, the listener can feel where his mindset is at based on the instrumentals. It has that signature smooth EDM beat that 757 artists use in their projects like Virginia Beach’s Ant Chulo for example.

“Party In My Head” has two tracks with features. The first features are involved on “Good to Her” featuring Doug Finesse and $ir Ratchet. The chemistry between the three from the vocals to the story that they tell to the amazing production from Jack makes this a party banger. “So Close” is the other track that contains features. On this track, we see Doug Finesse once again along with Blak Dutch. “So Close” is more of a mellow track that has that post party vibe towards it. Blak Dutch had a solid feature on there with a deep tone in his delivery that stood out compared to the energetic delivery of Doug Finesse and the soft vocals of Jack TP. The chemistry in “So Close” wasn’t as great as “Good to Her” but it’s still a solid track to listen to.

Overall, this is a pretty good project. The songs have deeper content hidden in the upbeat melodies and the energetic hooks. Jack TP successfully displays his diverse musical talents from rapping to singing to producing. My favorite track would be “Rest Easy Guys” where Jack discusses what influences him from vices to old friends. Stream his project below and follow him on Twitter: @Jacktp_ & Instagram:


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime


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