Sunday’s Best x Radio B.

A member of the Association of Great Minds, a well known face of Southpaw Battle Coalition, articulate rapper, there are many things that can describe Radio B. One thing stands out more than all of his accolades: his introspection. “Sunday’s Best” displays a deeper level of his well known introspection. It was as if he found salvation through the ten thousand hours he put into his craft. The project dropped on Easter Sunday in April and it was well received by Henny N Coke and The Cheats Movement just to name some of the many supporters of the project. “Sunday’s Best” is a seven track project that has two features from RVA artists Noah-O and Michael Millions, whom was also on Radio’s last project “TENTHSNDHRS“.

The choices of the instrumentals to samples are well suited to match the theme of “Sunday’s Best”. In the first track, “Sunday’s Best”, Radio B shows his lyrical wordplay in the song, but it’s the hook that captures me the most. It goes, “The way street soldiers put on their vest, some people rock their Sunday’s best/ so tell me what you tryna protect/ what you hiding under Sunday’s best/ the way Superman’s known for the “S” on his chest/ some people rock their Sunday’s best/ so tell me what you tryna protect/ what you hiding under Sunday’s best.” The individual is living on his 25th hour with a bullet vest underneath a fresh suit, which became a regular garment to the wardrobe like the “S” on Superman’s chest.  The verses discuss how people will sell their soul in order to become famous. It’s a classic story of describing one’s sense of deception and immorality with a modern day twist involving social media and the news.

My personal favorite track has to be “Don’t Play With It” or “Blessings > Luck”. The guitar in the instrumental along with the “yeah yeah yeah” vocals reminds me of a Sunday church class. It’s as if Radio B is delivering a lyrical sermon to his people. It’s one of those instrumentals that doesn’t have too much going on, but it places the listener in a relative place. It’s a positive song that anyone can listen to whenever they’re feeling down. “Blessings > Luck” allows the listener to view Radio’s perception of what’s moral versus immoral. My favorite line out of that song is, “A man’s word is what a man makes it, or leaves a man naked.”  The song goes deeper into Radio’s perception of himself and questions his past actions.

“Sunday’s Best” deserves all the recognition it can get. It deserves radio play on iPower 92.1, 106.5 The Beat, 101.7 Kiss FM, all the radio stations here in Richmond. His music can provoke introspection, engage conversation, and help people for the better. Purchase his album on iTunes and Google Play. Stream his project below on Soundcloud. Check out his website Follow Radio B. on Twitter: @Radioblitz  and Instagram: @radioblitz


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime; Instagram: @justinhisprime





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