Zara Bash x “From Me”


As humans we are all faced with daily struggles and frustrations and with a lot of artists putting on a hardcore “savage” persona, artists who allow themselves to  become vulnerable to their listeners and discuss their frustrations in their music are few and far between. In his song “From Me” Zara Bash pretty much pours his heart out and explains to his listeners his innermost thoughts and feelings on adversity he is faced with in his life.

The track gives a feel-good sound that provides a relaxing vibe while discussing some pretty heavy issues. On the track Zara Bash discusses his frustrations with not being as famous as he could be because of the fact that his style is not as flashy, hardcore and lavish a lot of other rappers and to some his style may be unappealing. He also discusses the fact that he states a lot of truth in his music but that people seem to be attracted to he false personas that rappers put on a lot of times over the realness that he prides himself for putting in his music.

“From Me” is a very special track not only because of the fact that vulnerability in the hip hop community is rare, but also because of how relatable the track is for other artists as well as humans in general. We all deal with struggles and frustrations when aspiring to be the best in our craft and “From Me” is not only a relatable soundtrack for frustrated individuals but it is also a note of encouragement to continue being true to yourself and remain humble and persistent.

Check out “From Me” by Zara Bash here!

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