Miah Travis – “Mona Lisa”

Coning out of Chesapeake VA, VCU student Miah Travis is sending positive energy into the Virginia music scene with his song “Mona Lisa”. The track was highly anticipated with an amazing gif of rose petals falling on Miah and it was shared by his fans and friends. The track got over 13,000 plays on Soundcloud and his visual for “Mona Lisa” got +1,500 views on Youtube. The song is beautifully produced by Tokyo Trendz. Tokyo’s choices of instrumentals from drum kicks to harmonic instruments sets the canvas for Miah to paint his depiction of Mona Lisa in a double time flow.  “Mona Lisa” is an excellent story about dealing with troubles during adolescence. It’s a heartwarming story to listen to as he tells his listeners that he’ll still keep faith regardless of dealing with demons such as greed and temptations. Check out the video below and catch him on tour at Trapdojo and at Strange Matter in RVA May 12th!

Follow Miah Travis on Twitter: @MiahTravis & Instagram: @miahtravis


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