90Wyse- “90 Proof”

90 Wyse is a fresh new face in the Virginia music scene and he kicked the door open to make his presence felt with his debut project, “90 Proof”. The northern Virginia artist displays his authentic pen game and diversity of flows in a five track project that leaves people wanting more.

When I first took a listen to the project, I was surprised at the tone of his delivery. I wasn’t really expecting such an aggressive tone from someone who appears to be meek in person. It was a great surprise to hear. The known slipper connoisseur wrote an excellent track on “Istanbul” produced by Geronimo. Here’s a sample of the artistry that I heard : “Arch her back and pull her strings, she’s a harp bro/ Heartbreak kid, come get a kick it at my show/ it’s always been raw, never fake, get out the rhinestones“. First off, I liked the harp metaphor. What I really saw from those few bars were multiple Shawn Michaels references. 90Wyse called himself the heartbreak kid which is Shawn’s nickname. He allows people to kick it at his raw shows which throws the references to Monday Night Raw and Shawn’s signature move, the Sweet Chin Music. For those that doesn’t watch wrestling, the sweet chin music is a super kick to the chin. In this instance, 90 wants people to hang out and catch love at his show. 90Wyse also threw a to the rhinestones which can be seen wrestlers gear or championship belts. 90 can be telling the listener to give him the bling that comes with shining hard from grinding.

There’s only one feature on the track and that’s from 703’s very own Trankquality on “Lover’s Avenue” produced by AmazeBeats. I love how on his debut project the features are scarce and limited to just this one feature. In my personal opinion, for a project with minimal or no features should be the way that an artist should show his full potential. This debut project is a great introduction to the artistry of 90Wyse. He also displays his story telling in the project and it’s decent. It can get better overtime in his music, but for his first project, it’s good enough. It’s a well rounded project one should definitely listen to. My favorite track on the project is Maury. Check out the project below and be on the lookout on his social media pages to see his upcoming performances on Twitter: @90wyse & Instagram: @9dwyse.


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime

Instagram: @justinhisprime





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