Hanz & Zae Kinchen -“Lately EP”

Indie hip hop artists Hanz and Zae Kinchen came together to make the “Lately EP”. One half of the duo HI-5 Hanz and  Zae are representatives of the SnakeShitVA collective here in Richmond. Their short five track EP is a collection of house music mixed with indie hip hop. “Lately” is a reflection of a love story and its ups and downs.

Hanz is coming off of the HI-5 “Good Feel EP” that dropped three months ago and his melodic vocals from that project carries over to this EP. Hanz simple melodic vocals stands out on almost each beat and Zae’s strong delivery provides the energetic story telling for his contributions on the project. They start out with a strong and catchy song with “Right Back” produced by AfroooCat. Everything about “Right Back” was an excellent introduction for the EP. One thing that really stands out the most about the project is the diversity of production. Each producer orchestrated a different mood for each instrumental, constantly pushing the diversity of Hanz’s vocals and Zae’s flows. My personal favorite song would have to be “New High” produced by Unclerawn, who I believe is one of the best producers in RVA. “New High” is also a great track to relax to after a long day.

Stream their EP below and follow Hanz and Zae on Twitter and Instagram

Twitter: @DesktopHANZ & @ZaeKinchen

Instagram: @hpdesktop & @zaekinchen

Also subscribe to their SnakeShitVA Youtube  channel.


Written by: J. Guevara

Twitter: @justinhisprime & Instagram: @justinhisprime



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